Sound is the invisible part of interior design.

Anyone who appreciates sound knows just how difficult it can be to get the sound exactly as they want. Sound is not a pliable material or something that can just be ordered on demand. Audiophiles often spend years in search of the ideal sound installation and anyone who has acoustic problems at home or in the office is often several solutions further before they find the perfect one. It does not have to be so difficult.

Anyone who knows how sound behaves knows that partition walls are not necessary to create stillness. The manipulation of soundwaves has been Marjan Veltkamp’s focus for the past couple of decades. Through self-experimentation and sometimes with the help of acoustic experts with exclusive sound measurement equipment. Her result is the product line ‘Fields.’
With unique materials and forms, acoustic improvement can be achieved while at the same time, offering a treat for the eyes. Marjan can explain the technical possibilities in a personal conversation.
With designing and realisation of spatial structures and sculptures she focuses on the acoustic qualities of a space using industrial felt to experience the space and architectural acoustics as totally new.
Jan-Willem Van Zijst, designer
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    Fields® | Oval
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    Fields® | Tumble
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    Fields® | Wave II
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    Fields® | Efeu L
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    Fields® | Twist
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    Fields® | Ruff
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    Fields® | Square for Merford

Designed & handmade in The Netherlands