Beauty for the eye,
delight for the ear.

Marjan Veltkamp creates objects that improve acoustics. The origin is always nature; the result, a unique, handmade object that increases pleasure in work or life.

Since she began her studies in the 1980’s at the Academy for Visual Design and 3D design at the College for the Arts, Marjan has focused on spatial objects. As an artist, her work is found in many environments. The opportunity to design an object for a boardroom required her to do extra work. The object had to be beautiful in design and at the same time, improve the acoustics. “In the assignment, everything came together. The love for materials, beauty and the technical knowledge for improving acoustics”, explains Marjan.

Now, 10 years later, Marjan designs not only one-of-a-kind objects, but also acoustic art that is perfect for reproduction. Her mission to replace the traditional acoustic plates and glass walls with beauty is being embraced by more and more people and organizations. Her one-of-a-kind objects are on display in galleries and design events.
Marjan is an artist/designer who shows the best of both worlds in her work: the autonomous in glorious combination with the applied!
Mireille Houtzager, consultancy arts, crafts, hist. & contemp. textiles, costume/fashion, theatre/movie/television
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    Fields® | Efeu L
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    Fields® | Efeu L
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    Fields® | Efeu L
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    Fields® | Moors
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    Fields® | Efeu L
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    Fields® | Tumble
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    Fields® | Glockenglucksen
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    Fields® | Bow-Wow

Designed & handmade in The Netherlands