Interior design is an occupation.

Interior architects have an occupation that is very close to art. How do you translate space to a personal solution? In that field, sound design is underutilized. How do you improve acoustics in a way that seamlessly fits with interior design? How do you protect the space and choose your materials and structure that enhance the desired interior design?

Marjan Veltkamp is passionate about working with interior architects to give their beautiful projects the ‘finishing touch.’ Office spaces can be made more inspiring and more productive. In the private market, it is often the clients that value the art and aesthetics. As Marjan herself explains, “It is wonderful to work with experts for clients with a dream or vision. The most beautiful projects are often the ones that begin with a great conversation here in my atelier. If the architect or client can see, feel and hear the examples, the journey to a personal solution is often already started.”

I invite any architect with acoustic challenges to visit my atelier in our beautiful Brabant for an introductory conversation.
I know Marjan as an honest and highly involved designer with a huge sense of responsibility to the client.
Jeroen Vinken, artist and design professional interior textiles
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