The new way of working demands attention to sound.

They are sprouting up like mushrooms out of the ground; hip, modern work environments and spaces, meeting places and areas for conversations and presentations. “The new way of working’ is becoming more of the standard instead of the exception.

However, the new way of working does not always increase pleasure in work or productivity. People have to adjust to new work arrangements and also to new sounds. Quite often, within a year of a newly designed work space, walls are put back up and separate spaces are created. Sound is always the root cause. Transparency and openness get sacrificed.

With Marjan Veltkamp’s acoustic objects, that does not have to be the case. The placement of a custom design allows a separation that makes sound manageable while maintaining openness and transparency of interior design.
With product 'Fields', Marjan delivered a beautiful object that fitted into the atmosphere and helped to dramatically reduce the acoustic problems.
Bart de Boer, Professional Non-excecutive Board Member
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    Fields® | Moors
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    Fields® | Moors
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    Fields® | Efeu L
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    Fields® | Twirl
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    Fields® | Wave
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    Fields® | Moors
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    Fields® | Efeu L
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    Fields® | Efeu L

Designed & handmade in The Netherlands