Acoustic Form:
A play of line and colour.

Turnball is the modern equivalent of the luxury wall coverings that decorated the walls of state palaces in the Golden Age. In the seventeenth-century, costly gildedleather hangings were only for the pleasure of the wealthy. The guests were received in a carefully furnished room inspired by architect and designer Daniel Marot. Marot was commissioned by William III and Mary Stuart, and closely involved in the decoration of The Loo Palace. He worked with architectonic, almost theatrical, accents and an ornamentation attuned completely to the overall scheme of the architecture. Several centuries passed before the development of wall paper enabled the ordinary person to decorate their walls in a such way. Fields revives the Golden Age with Turnball. The playful form and intense cobalt blue colour combine to make Turnball a jewel in any space.

About Fields®

In a hollow space words go astray (are lost). Marjan Veltkamp transforms rooms with minimal sound absorbtion (hard spaces) into soft interiors where voices are brought to their best advantage: fluent communication ensured by an good acoustic.The organic forms render the room for which they are specially designed the perfect reception space in which to communicate. The forms are made of a high quality woolfelt. Her design introduces a serene ambience through playful simplicity.

Marjan Veltkamp is a designer and artist. Her portfolio includes projects for Dutch theme park de Efteling, Bang & Olufsen, Leolux, Olympic stadium Amsterdam, and domestic interiors of private homes.

Rembrandt van Rijn

The most important Dutch old master from the seventeenth-century was unsurpassed in his mastery of the painting technique of chiaroscuro. In the rich setting of Palazzo Francesco Turati, a surprising dance of light and shadow is created by Turnball. The intense cobalt blue stimulates the memory of a regal past.


Just as the wall hangings of the seventeen-century,Turnball is handmade. The
material is one hundred percent wool and has its own unique character. The natural product has a soundproof and insulation effect. In addition, the material is fire resistent (B2) and one hundred percent recyclable.

Below an impression of the presentation in Milan

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    Object Turnball in Palazzo Francesco Turati
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    Object Turnball in Palazzo Francesco Turati
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    Object Turnball in Palazzo Francesco Turati
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    Detail Turnball in Palazzo Francesco Turati
Object Turnball in Palazzo Francesco Turati

Note for editors: information and images available at Marjan Veltkamp +31 73 6214316. The photos on the website: http: //www.marjanveltkamp/pers may be used with mention of the title of the artwork and name artist.

Designed & handmade in The Netherlands